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Over the years, HSB has developed proprietary solutions for various industrial anomalies. Due to our many years of experience in the pulp & paper and converting industries, we have developed equipment to solve dust collection and trim and broke handling deficiencies. These solutions are also being applied in other industrial areas experiencing similar waste handling and environmental safety problems.

In our years of experience in designing, engineering and installing trim handling systems, we have built up a variety of positive and negative operating (vacuum) systems for trim handling for calenders, winders and rewinders. Variations of these systems have been incorporated in reject material handling from log roll equipment and sheeters, to notebook machinery.

Our dust collection systems, and the equipment and expertise provided by our strategic partners, enable us to provide sound, affordable and efficient air filtering, purifying and fume extraction solutions to various industries such as automotive, foundry, chemical, manufacturing, pulp & paper, mining, food, packaging, etc.

HSB’s proprietary designs and equipment offer great value and performance.

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